My 10 Most Favorite Films of 2011

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10 Most Favorite Films of 2011

Recent films (2009-2011) that I have seen in 2011.


1. A SEPARATION (Iran, Asghar Farhadi)

Stunning. Well-written by heart. The story that keeps questioning and haunting us for so many days after.


2. THE KID WITH A BIKE (Belgium/France/Italy, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)

The sweetest fairy tale from the Dardenne brothers. In the end, it is so simple and hurtful like dying.


3. INCENDIES (Canada, Denis Villeneuve)

A  compelling family history centering on a fateful life of a woman and mother. A well-cut gem!


4. MY JOY (Ukraine/Germany/Netherlands, Sergei Loznitsa)

A joyful ride of an unpredictable suspense. A novel language of storytelling.


5. SNOWTOWN (Australia, Justin Kurzel) 

How a young soul is dead in the soulless city? Not the shocking crime scenes but the public lynching that scared us to the bone.


6. ANOTHER YEAR (UK, Mike Leigh)

Mike Leigh once again delicately weaves up the beauty and pain in life. The close-up shot of Lesley Manville’s face at the last scene is unforgettable.


7. ANIMAL KINGDOM (Australia, David Michod) 

The remarkable mix of family drama and thrilling crime. At the top of this animal kingdom lies the lioness – Jacki Weaver who did nothing but to shake the masculine world of criminals upside down. With SNOWTOWN in the following year, Australian crime might be the new genre of crime films to watch out.


8. CONFESSIONS (Japan, Tetsuya Nakashima)

Techniques serve story, resulted in breathtaking emotional impact until the last scene. Takako Matsu impressively transformed from TV drama princess to the REAL actress.


9. MELANCHOLIA (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany, Lars von Trier)

Nearest experience to the end of the world.  Death has never been visually beautiful like this.


10. LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (Hong Kong, Johnnie To) 

The scariest scenario of modern life where the world go round by economic drive. The most ambitious step and the best of Johnnie To so far.



The Next 10

The next 10 recent films - because it is hard to keep only the top 10 and list them out.

11. MISS KICKI (Sweden/Taiwan, Håkon Liu)

12. TYRANNOSAUR (UK, Paddy Considine)

13. BLACK SWAN (USA, Darren Aronofsky)

14. EVERYONE ELSE (Germany, Maren Ade)

15. MEMORY LANE (France, Mikhael Hers)

16. FISH TANK (UK/Netherlands, Andrea Arnold) 

17. KILL LIST (UK, Ben Wheatley)

18. AKUNIN (Japan, Lee Sang-il)

19. BLUE VALENTINE (USA, Derek Cianfrance)

20. DRIVE (USA, Nicolas Winding Refn)



Old Films

10 most favorite old films (before 2009) that I have seen in 2011.

1. A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY (Taiwan, Edward Yang)

2. A CITY OF SADNESS (Taiwan, Hou Hsiao-Hsien) 

3. RATCATCHER (UK, Lynne Ramsay)

4. BLIND MOUNTAIN (China, Yang Li) 

5. IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN (China/Hong Kong, Jiang Wen)

6. IN MY FATHER’S DEN (New Zealand, Brad McGann)

7. I CAN NO LONGER HEAR THE GUITAR (France, Philippe Garrel)

8. MARTYRES (France/Canada, Pascal Laugier)

9. MUALLAF (Malaysia, Yasmin Ahmad)

10. STRANGER THAN PARADISE (USA/West Germany, Jim Jarmusch)






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